Which documents I need to rent a car?

You need to present a valid driving license and if necessary an international driving license, an identity card or passport in which your home address appears and a credit or debit card.

Where can I pick up the car?

  • At the airport, where we are only at 4 minutes walking distance from the terminal. Also you can go to the meeting point at the parking P3, where we will pick you up and bring you to our office in only 2 minutes.
  • In Sant Jordi: the address is: carretera del aeropuerto nº 25-32, in the village of Sant Jordi.
  • Also we can bring the car to the port, your hotel or villa, this service has an extra charge depending on the distance and hour of delivery. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

In this case please contact us by any of the phone numbers which appears in the web or on your voucher.

Is it possible to confirm a special brand or model of a car?

Nearly all the vehicles on our website are guaranteed models, so we always try to give you the car you choose. In case this is not possible we will give you a car of the same category or if not available, of a superior category.

Who can drive the car?

Only the persons who are mentioned in the rental contract as principal or additional drivers. In case the car is driven by a person without authorization, the insurance is automatically invalidated.

What is the minimum age for renting a car?

The lessee must be at least 20 years old and have a driving experience of 2 years for economic vehicles, 23 years and 2 years of experience for medium vehicles and 25 years and 5 years of experience for 4X4 vehicles, convertibles and luxury vehicles.

Are there special conditions according to the age of the driver?

People between 20 and 25 years of age and with at least 2 years of valid driving license will have to pay an additional fee. For more information about the cost, consult the Rental Conditions.

What is the difference between excess and security deposit or bond?

The deposit or bond is the amount you will have to leave as guarantee when collecting the vehicle; this deposit is returned when you return the vehicle in the same condition as it was collected, with the same fuel level and within the dates and times indicated in the contract. The excess is the amount for which you are responsible in case of damage or theft of the rented vehicle. Keep in mind that you can take insurance when you pick up the car to eliminate the excess.

What type of insurance is included in the rental price?

The rental rates include the coverage of the Obligatory Insurance of the car and the Complementary of Civil Liability for the damages and losses to third parties derived from the use and circulation of the vehicle. This insurance has an excess, the amount of which will depend on the chosen vehicle. This excess can be eliminated by contracting the additional insurance.

What additional insurance can I hire?

  • Silver Insurance: Coverage for damages caused to sheet metal, paint (excluding roof), wheels and glass. It does not include damage to locks, undercarriage, roof, clutch or interior.
  • Gold Insurance: Coverage of damage caused to sheet metal, paint, wheels, windows, undercarriage, roof, fines management expenses, accident / theft management expenses and roadside assistance.

The damages caused voluntarily, for not complying with traffic regulations or being under the effects of alcoholic beverages or narcotics are not covered by any type of insurance.

Do I have to leave a deposit to pick up the car?

Yes, if no additional insurance is contracted, the deposit will be of the amount of the excess, if the insurance is contracted it will be between 150 and 500 Euros, depending on the chosen vehicle.

When is the deposit returned?

The refund is automatic at the time of returning the car, unless this is returned outside office hours, in which case the deposit will be returned the next morning.

What is the fuel policy?

The vehicle is delivered with a full tank and must be returned full. In case of returning it with less, the missing fuel will be charged plus 20 Euros of penalty.

Can I travel outside of Ibiza with the rented vehicle?

No, the vehicle cannot leave the island of Ibiza in any case.

Can I pay with a debit card?

Yes, but in that case it is mandatory to take the additional insurance and to leave the corresponding deposit.

Can I pay with American Express?

Yes, but please note that you will have to pay 4% more of the rental amount and it will not be possible to leave the deposit with this type of card, so a VISA or MASTERCARD will be necessary for the deposit.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, but it’s mandatory to contract the additional insurance, leave the corresponding deposit and the number of a card.

Who will install the baby seats or booster seats?

The customer is the one who has the responsibility to install them correctly. In the case of any incorrect installation, we cannot be held responsible for the damages caused.

How can I modify or cancel my reservations?

If you have made the reservation through our website, you must send an email to  with the reservation number and the information to be modified. If you want to cancel it, you must do it at least 48 hours in advance.

What is the cost of canceling my reservation if I paid through the website? Will you return the money?

If canceled more than 48 hours before the date of pick-up, the entire amount will be refunded. If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the date of pick-up, no refund will be made.

How can I extend my contract?

If you have not yet picked up the car, you can modify your reservation at any time by contacting us. If you have picked it up already, you must go with the vehicle to the nearest Bravo rent a car office before the end of the contract. It is recommended to do it as early as possible in advance to make sure the car is available. No extensions can be made by phone or email.

Is there any type of refund if I return my vehicle before the end of my contract?

The rental amount will not be refunded in any case.

What happens if I return the vehicle later than indicated in the contract?

One hour of courtesy is offered at most to return the vehicle; in case of returning it later an extra day will be charged to the current local rate with a 50% supplement. It is necessary to take into account that if the indicated return time has passed the vehicle will be circulating without a valid contract, and this may cause problems (fine) in case of being stopped by the Police. Also the insurance of the vehicle will not cover the damages in case of accident.

What should I do if the vehicle suffers a breakdown or accident?

In this case you have to contact us immediately and inform us of what happened, we will tell you how to proceed. If you have had an accident, make sure to write down all the data of the other vehicles implied.

How can I request an invoice?

The invoices are requested by email to indicating the contract number and data to invoice.