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  1. At the moment of leaving the vehicle in the parking the car keys have to be handled over to the car parking staff. Bravo Parking will not be held responsible for any vehicle whose keys have not been forwarded to their staff.
  2. The vehicles may be moved inside the premises by the staff of Bravo Parking, according to their needs of places, organization and services requiered. The vehicles may be transferred from one facility to another of Bravo Parking in the area of Ibiza airport.
  3. The vehicles parked in the premises are insured against theft and fire according to the insurance policy acquired by the company. The conditions of assessment and fulfilment are the established ones in the policy referred to.
  4. Bravo Parking will not be held responsible for any items left inside the vehicle, unless they have been adviced and registered in the contract of custody by the employee of the company, at the moment of leaving the vehicle in the care of the parking premises.
  5. Bravo Parking will be held responsible for any damages caused to the vehicles by their staff members inside the premises. Any complaint will have to be made, before the vehicle is taken out of the premises of Bravo Parking.
  6. Bravo Parking will not be held responsible for any mechanical and/or electric failures the vehicle may suffer while it’s parked in the premises of Bravo Parking.
  7. In the case of long term contracts, these ones will be extended, if client has indicated us to do so and if paid at last, one day before the current contract ends. The contracts are not accumulative in length, and no prices for long term parking will be applied in these cases. The parking fee will be agreed at the begining of the contract and will be a fixed price, regardless from possible extensions the client may request afterwards.
  8. The vehicle only may be taken away from the premises of Bravo Parking by the client, presenting the parking contract and a valid identity document.
  9. Bravo Parking reserve the right to refuse returning the vehicle to the client, if there are any outstanding amounts owed.